Making an underground film

This my first blog on this website, so I'll try to be succinct.  For those of you who have been following the progress of the film over the last four years... Yes I am still making it!  We will be shooting some noir abstract expressionist drama, with dancing in the first week of September 2017. Hoorah! 

For those who are discovering this film for the first time... Here is a recap.  It started in 2012 with many months of researching and writing after receiving development funds from Screen Australia and Screen Queensland.  In mid 2013 Eddy Gill and I started filming interviews and we have met amazing people with incredible stories, some of whom have since passed away. We have travelled the Old Hume Highway with a vintage super 8mm camera. We visited outback towns and faraway places in search of paintings and artifacts.

Among many small works and personal stories, I've discovered two major private collections.  This work includes hundreds of pages of biographical writing, poetry, letters, and many significant, never before seen paintings. The discovery of this material has dramatically influenced the creative treatment of the film, allowing Roie to tell her own story.

I've lost track of how much time I've spent writing film funding applications and have been knocked back by all of them except one. Most gracious thanks to Lord Mayor Clover Moore for a modest city cultural grant that allowed us to unearth the hidden treasure.  I have spent months editing footage in the lounge room of a one bedroom apartment with a one eyed dog on my lap.  I have spent months writing a feature length screenplay from the edited material.

NOW, we are in pre-production for our noir abstract expressionist drama shoot on a tiny budget.  I don't like the term 'micro-budget film' or other budget related labels for films. This is an underground film. I will share more with you as we go.